Insight into a Collegiate Soccer Career: An Interview with Lois Huechan

Transitioning from Scotland to Kansas: Lois Huechan, a former Celtic and Scotland U18 player, discusses the challenges and excitement of moving from Scotland to the USA to play soccer at Kansas University. She highlights the initial difficulties with extreme weather, adapting to new foods, and being away from family and friends.

College Soccer Experience: Huechan enjoyed playing with teammates from diverse backgrounds and appreciated the emphasis on individual player development in the US. Despite facing health challenges during her freshman year, she thrived in the demanding environment, balancing rigorous academics and athletics.

Cultural and Academic Adjustments: She found American professors to have higher expectations, constantly assigning homework, which helped in learning material thoroughly. Balancing soccer and academics required improved time management, leading her to take fewer and easier classes during the soccer season.

Future Plans: Lois plans to pursue professional soccer after graduation, weighing various offers to continue her development as a player while ensuring a sustainable living.

Memorable Experiences: Her highlights include beating Missouri in the NCAA tournament, a historic 11-game winning streak, and traveling across the USA, experiencing American holidays and culture with her teammates.

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